“Smart Construction”, providing breakthroughs for the new future of construction industry through digital transformation.


We will open the digital era of the construction industry

through the development and practical utilization of Smart Construction technology.

Center for Smart Construction Technology will promote the digital transformation of the construction industry with emphasis on the practical application and field operation of the developed technologies, and help Korean companies enter the global market based on their accumulated digital capabilities.
We will lead “R&D linked with construction orders” utilizing expressway construction projects such that the achievements of technology development can be actively applied in industrial sites beyond the use in laboratories, enabling versatile applications of the developed technologies in other SOC sectors.
In addition, in preparation for the post-COVID-19 era, we will implement SOC Digitalization and also contribute to the creation of a new construction ecosystem comprising digital data and platforms, such that startups and venture enterprises can grow into unicorn companies in the construction sector.


We will overcome negative practices and achieve R&D results tangible to the public

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Korea Expressway Corporation’s Center for Smart Construction Technology held ‘Smart Construction Industry Exhibition & Forum’

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“Smart construction technology at a glance”… ‘2022 Smart Construction Industry Exhibition’ opens on the 28 JUL 2022

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Opening the future of the construction industry by accelerating the practical use of smart construction technology.

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KoreaBuild : Smart Construction Exhibition (Jul 2022)

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[KOR] 제9회 아시아·대양주 도로기술협회(REAAA) 비즈니스 포럼

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