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News of events such as conferences, forums, and seminars

  • Center for Smart Construction Technology - Korea Construction Transport New Technology Association Business Agreement and OSC technical seminar

    Date : ~

    The Korea Expressway Corporation's Center for Smart Construction Technology (Head Cho Sung-min) and the Korea Construction Transport New Technology Association (Chairman Park Jong-myeon) signed a business agreement at Samjeong Hotel (based in Gangnam, Seoul) on November 9th (Tue).

    The two institutions have agreed on the need for cooperation in the commercialization of smart construction through expert advice and joint meetings, and decided to actively cooperate with each other through this agreement.

    In addition, technical seminars were held on OSC's domestic/foreign trends and constructions sites' application cases, which have recently attracted great attention as a means to improve productivity and strengthen safety at construction sites. The video can be viewed again through the Youtube channel of Center for Smart Construction Technology.

    * Off-Site Construction (OSC): An off-site production system that plans, produces, transports, installs, and constructs members in factories in order to compensate for the limitations of the existing on-site production system,


  • The 1st smart construction and digital engineering technology exchange seminar

    Date : ~

    The Korea Expressway Corporation's Center for Smart Construction Technology (Head Cho Sung-min), KEPCO E&C, and Korea Transportation Safety Authority held the first technology exchange seminar at KEPCO E&C's office (Gimcheon, Gyeongbuk) on November 16 (Tue).

    This seminar was conducted with the theme of drones.
    We had time to share drone technologies and research and utilization of drone-based smart construction technologies, high-speed national drone utilization, drone and UAM-related safety management systems, autonomous flight inspection drones, and wired and wireless painting drones.

    In the future, the three organizations plan to conduct continuous exchanges for smart construction and digital engineering technology cooperation.


  • Smart construction technology development project 's 1st phase R&D performance report meeting

    Date : ~

    Center for Smart Construction Technology held a first-phase R&D performance report meeting on October 20 (Wed) with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (Technical Policy Division), Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement which is a specialized institution, employees of the center, and heads of the 12 sub-projects. 

    Participants discussed the outline and current status of smart construction technology development projects, major performance and plans of the projects, and agreed to break down invisible walls between developing technologies and achieve practicalization of developed technologies through active collaboration.


  • Visit to Joint Institute, "REDONE Technologies"

    Date : 2021-09-15 ~ 2021-09-15

    On September 15, 2021, the Head of the Center for Smart Construction Technology visited "RedOne Technology Co., Ltd.", which is in charge of "developing a ground moving platform (UGV) for real-time geo-spatial data collection," and toured research facilities (Jangseong-gun, Jeollanam-do).

    * UGV : Unmanned Ground Vehicle

    Dr. Sung-min CHO, head of the center, checked the operating performance of the UGV platform under development with Dr. Yong-sun Moon, director of RedOne Technology, and discussed ways to utilize it.

    RedOne Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2005 and has been manufacturing industrial robots such as robots/intelligent production control systems/automotive parts, and developed 15 patents, including "large control methods and systems of multi-mobile robots."


  • Attending a discussion to deal with Megatrend

    Date : 2021-09-14 ~ 2021-09-14

    Center for Smart Construction Technology attended a discussion to deal with Megatrend promoted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (Road Policy Department).

    In order to prepare for the rapidly changing road environment, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport held an in-depth discussion to listen to opinions on various future businesses promoted by the Korea Expressway Corporation and reflect them in policies.

    Our center announced the "Roadmap for Practicalization of Smart Construction Technology" and asked for full support and cooperation from Korea Expressway Corporation and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

    In the future, our center will continue to make efforts to actively carry out the businesses so that we can play a leading role in the big change of "Digital Transformation."


  • Test application of communication tools between the center and the site

    Date : 2021-08-31 ~ 2021-08-31

    Center for Smart Construction Technology demonstrated a remote video conference (AR_WORK Remote) between the Center (Digital Collaboration Room) and the site on Tuesday, August 31.

    By utilizing real-time discussion and file sharing, we were able to communicate smoothly with the site in a non-face-to-face environment.

    Also, it was possible to capture, edit, and record photos immediately on the screen to accurately communicate and save instructions.

    We will strive to develop and spread smart technologies that are small but definite and useful at work.


    AR Work Info: http://arwork.co.kr