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News of events such as conferences, forums, and seminars

  • [SMART CONSTRUCTION EXPO 2023] "Smart Construction, Beyond Technology, With Innovation and Hope"

    Date : 2023-11-22 ~ 2023-11-24

    [SMART CONSTRUCTION EXPO 2023] "Smart Construction, Beyond Technology, With Innovation and Hope"



    Overview: Exhibition


    Organizer: Hosted by the Ministry of Land, Transport, and Infrastructure, jointly organized by 5 public agencies


    Duration: From November 22, 2023 (Wednesday) to November 24, 2023 (Friday)


    Venue: KINTEX, Ilsan (Hall 1)




    ‘Hosted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Korea’s largest smart construction exhibition’


    SMART CONSTRUCTION EXPO 2023 highlights superior smart construction technologies in Korea and abroad.

    It is a venue for fostering industries by enhancing business performance, securing world-class technologies, and exploring overseas markets for domestic smart construction technologies.


    Meet the digital transformation of Korea’s construction and the technologies of various companies that will leap into the global construction market.






  • [BIM AWARDS 2023] win the grand prize

    Date : 2023-11-27 ~

    Event: BIM Awards 2023win the grand prize


    Host: buildingSMART Korea


    Support: Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport, Graphisoft, Archisoft, Autodesk


    Supervise: BIM AWARDS 2023 Operating Committee


    Participants: General (group, individual), student





  • [Project 1] Performance demonstration of smart construction technology of earthwork automation equipment

    Date : 2023-11-13 ~

    Performance demonstration of smart construction technology of earthwork automation equipment >



    Event object


    Demonstration of unmanned and automated technology of earthworks equipment based on intelligent equipment control platform developed through national R&D, securing objective performance and practicality of development results


    Event Overview


    Schedule : 2023.11.13.(FRI) 10:30 ~ 12:00


    Location : Gimpo - Paju Zone 1 Site


    Purpose : Performance demonstration of Smart construction technology of earthwork automation equipment


    organizations: More than 150 people, including the President of Korea Expressway Corporation, Director of Technology and Safety Policy at the Ministry of Land, Director of the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology


    Contents of the event


    On the morning of the 3rd, the Gimpo-Paju construction site, Section 1 of National Highway No. 400 in Yangchon-eup, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do. At an outdoor site where about 300 industry and academic officials gathered, the interim research results of 'Smart Construction Technology Development', the largest national research and development (R&D) project in Korea's construction field, which has been underway since 2020 under the support of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, were revealed.


    The Korea Expressway Corporation, the project's overall organization, demonstrated the earthwork automation technology that had been successfully domestically produced together with about 130 research institutes, showing that the commercialization of smart construction technology, which had once felt distant, was approaching.














  • [Detailed task 12] technical briefing on the ground survey digital system and an on-site demonstration event

    Date : 2023-10-18 ~

     "The Korea Expressway Corporation's Smart Construction Project Group (head of the project Cho Sung-min) held a technical briefing on the ground survey digital system and an on-site demonstration event at the Gimpo-Paju Expressway Construction Zone 1 site on October 13, 2023."


    The event was hosted by the Korea Road Corporation's Smart Construction Project Team (head of the project Seong-min Cho ) and attended by about 30 officials from the Korea Agency for Land, Infrastructure and Transport Science and Technology Promotion, Korea Society of Geotechnical Engineers, Korean Society of Civil Engineers, Korea Ground Survey Association, and Saman.


    Saman shared its research results, including △automation and digitalization of ground investigation, △technology related to geotechnical information management, and △web-based drilling survey and geotechnical information management system. In particular, the 'GAIA (Geotech Analytic Investigation Amass)' system, which can manage web-based drilling investigation and geotechnical information, attracted attention.


    An official from the Korea Expressway Corporation said, “It will greatly contribute to the digitalization of the construction industry by managing reliable ground information and creating real-time drilling column maps based on automatically collected data by applying ICT technologies such as IoT.” He added, “It will be developed by the Smart Construction Business Division in the future.” “We also plan to provide data linkage services with the ‘Smart Construction Digital Platform’ and ‘National Land and Ground Information Integrated DB Center’,” he said.



    Schedule: October 13, 2023 (Fri) Location: Gimpo Paju Zone 1 Site Purpose: Ground survey digitalization technology seminar and field demonstration Participating organizations: Korea Ground Engineering Association, Korean Society of Civil Engineering, Korea Ground Investigation Association, Construction Technology Research Institute, Saman Co., Ltd









  • [World Road Congress] participation in The 27th Prague World Road Congress

    Date : 2023-09-30 ~ 2023-10-07

    Cho Sung-min (three others), head of the Korea Expressway Corporation's Smart construction project group, went on an eight-day business trip for six nights to participate in the 27th PIARC World Road Competition held at the Prague Congress Center (PCC) in the Czech Republic.


    The World Road Congress is the largest international event held every four years under the auspices of the World Road Association (PIARC) for information, technology exchange, and international cooperation in the road sector since 1908.


    • The 27th Prague World Road Congress


    • Date : October 2, 2023 (Monday) to 6 (Fri), for 5 days


    • Venue of the event : Prague Congress Center, Prague, Czech Republic









  • Collaborative Meetings with Nordic Experts on MG/MC Technology of Construction equipment

    Date : 2023-10-03 ~ 2023-10-04

    Nordic countries such as Norway and Finland have been developing Machine Guidance (MG) and Machine Control (MC) technologies for construction equipment, focusing on earthworks, for over 20 years, and these technologies are now commonly used at most infrastructure construction sites in the region. 

    Dr. Sung-min Cho, Director General of the Center for Smart Construction Technology, visited Oslo, Norway, from October 3 to 4, 2023, to meet with professional developers, global companies, and contractors participating in the development, distribution, and utilization of MG/MC technology in the Nordic region.


    1. Meeting with Mr. Erik Sørngård (R&D Manager) and programming developer at Gundersen & Loken AS (DIGPILOT)



    2. Meeting with Mr. Pal-Eirik Senland at Hexagon's Leica Geosystems in Norway Branch 



    3. Meeting and discussion session with Mr. Pasi Joensuu (SVP), Mr. Anders Tiltnes (GM), Mr. Morten Jarvis Westergård, Mr. Jo Forseth Indgaard, Mr. Terje Madsen (BIM Manager) and others at Finland-based “Infrakit AS” Norway Office 


    4. Meeting with Mr. Anders Hoel Nielsen at Veidekke, the largest construction company in Norway 



    BA Networks of Norway (BA-Nettverket) and Ms. Inger Hokstad arranged and guided the meeting program and field visits.