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Korea Expressway Corporation-KEPCO E&C smart construction and digital engineering cooperation business agreement

Writer : Reg date : 2021-06-08

Korea Expressway Corporation (CEO Kim Jin-sook), the general agency of smart construction technology development projects, signed a business agreement with Korea Electric Power Corporation Engineering & Construction Company (CEO Kim Sung-arm) on June 8, 2021 at the head office of Korea Expressway Corporation.

Based in Gimcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do, the two organizations will promote smart construction and contribute to carbon neutrality through the convergence of digital technology based on SOC such as highways and power generation technology capabilities.


* Press release attached

(From the left, Kim Jin-sook, CEO of Korea Expressway Corporation, Kim Sung-arm, CEO of KEPCO E&C)


(From the left, Cho Sung-min, Head of Center for Smart Construction Technology, Oh Yong-kwon, Head of the Ministry of Structure, Park Kyeong-ho, Head of the Ministry of Information, Cho Nam-hoon, Head of R&D, Kim Jin-sook, CEO of Korea Expressway Corporation, Kim Sung-arm, CEO of KEPCO E&C, Yeom Hak-ki, Head of Power Technology Institute, Lee Young-ok, Head of Technology Policy & Strategy Department, Lee Sang-bae, Head of Digital Engineering Department, and Jang Hyun-young, Head of Smart Convergence Department)