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Visits to production facilities of pre-fab research institutes (Bricon, Interconstech)

Writer : Reg date : 2021-06-10

Center for Smart Construction Technology shared the research progress of Project No.4, "Digital-based road structure design-production-construction support technology development", and toured the pre-fab member production facilities (factory).

The head of the center (Cho Sung-min, Korea Expressway Corporation), the head of Project No.4 (Shim Chang-soo, Chung-Ang University), the head of Project No.5 (Lee Sang-yoon, Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology), and the head of Project No.6 (Sim Sung-han, Sungkyunkwan University) attended.

In the morning, we visited the R&BD Factory of Bricon Co., Ltd., a joint research institute (CEO: Lee Soon-hwan), and shared the research status and plans of Project No.4 for the 3rd and 4th quarters.  Then, we looked around the factory and heard explanations about the technology and equipment they possess.



In the afternoon, we also visited the PC member production factory (Goesan, Chungnam) of Interconstech Co., Ltd. (CEO: Min Young-taek), a participating company in Project No.4, and toured the company's pre-fab technology and production process.


Center for Smart Construction Technology will continue to listen to the voices of the research site and become the organization in charge that actively communicates with the research participating organizations.