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Visits to research institutes participating in smart construction technology development projects

Writer : Reg date : 2021-07-30

Center for Smart Construction Technology visited the institutions to share the ongoing projects/research plans in Project No.8 (Development of technology to assure the safety of the workers at construction sites) and Project No.9 (Development of smart safety assurance technology for temporary structures).

In the morning, we visited the research lab of Chung-Ang University (Professor Park Chan-Sik), the cooperative research institute of Project No.8, and listened to the progress and plans of the research, and the lab's current performance of the project. Then, we discussed the direction of smart safety technology development at the construction site.



In the afternoon, we visited the Seoul branch of Deep Inspection Co., Ltd., a joint research institute of Project No.9, and discussed future research plans and commercialization plans after hearing explanations of technologies they possess (automation solution for infrastructure safety inspections based on artificial intelligence/video, etc.).



Center for Smart Construction Technology will continue to listen to the voices of the organizations participating in the research and try to become the organization in charge that visits and communicates first.