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Korea Expressway Corporation conducts smart construction technology training for foreign public officials for the first time in Korea.

Writer : admin Reg date : 2023-08-21

□ The Korea Expressway Corporation (President Ham Jin-kyu) announced that it conducted training on smart construction and construction information modeling (BIM) for public officials belonging to the Ministry of Construction in Vietnam, the largest trading country in ASEAN*, for five days from the 21st (Mon).

* ASEAN(Association of Southeast Asian Nations) : Established in 1967, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations has a total of 10 countries.


□ This training is significant in that it is the first smart construction technology-themed education training in Korea for foreign public officials, and the corporation and the Korea BIM Society participated jointly as part of the knowledge sharing project(KSP**).

** KSP(Knowledge Sharing Program) : Knowledge-based development cooperation projects that suggest policy advice to developing countries based on domestic knowledge and experience


 10 public officials from the Vietnamese Construction Ministry participated in the training, experiencing various technologies and platforms to utilize construction information modeling (BIM) in the SOC field and sharing related policies and technology development directions in Korea.


In addition, the Korea Expressway Corporation introduced the smart construction technology R&D project, visited companies participating in research, and experienced various smart technologies through a tour of highway construction sites such as Godeok Bridge and Hangang Tunnel.


Meanwhile, the Korea Expressway Corporation and the Vietnam Construction Economy Research Institute signed a letter of intent to cooperate to introduce and utilize smart construction technology in Vietnam on the 25th (Friday), laying the foundation for smart technology exchange between the two countries.


"We are focusing on demonstration and practical use so that the technology under development can be applied to the field," said Cho Sung-min, head of the Korea Expressway Corporation's smart construction project.