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Korea Expressway Corporation Acquires International Certification of ISO 19650 Kitemark in BIM for the First Time in Korea

Writer : admin Reg date : 2023-02-28

The Korea Expressway Corporation announced on the 28th that it had acquired the highest certification grade of "Kitemark" for the first time in Korea in connection with "ISO 19650," an international standard system for construction information modeling (BIM). Building Information Modeling (BIM) refers to a technology that combines a three-dimensional model with construction information (materials, processes, construction costs, specifications, etc.) to integrate, manage, and utilize information from the entire construction process.


ISO 19650 is an international standard for the planning, implementation, and information management of BIM, established by the Royal Standard Association (BSI) and listed in 2018. ISO 19650 certification is divided into Verification Certification and Kitemark Certification. This Kitemark certification is a recognized example of the Korea Expressway Corporation's complete BIM design, construction BIM introduction, platform-based operation of BIM information, BIM planning and execution in the construction process, information management system utilization capabilities and performance, and connection with ISO 9001 quality management system.


Korea has acquired 'verification certification' that focuses on practical use of BIM, focusing on companies. Lim Sung-hwan, CEO of BSI Korea, said, "Kite Mark is one of the most reliable certification marks in the world. The Korea Expressway Corporation's first BIM 'Kite Mark' in Korea has proven to have differentiated capabilities in the field of BIM project execution and construction information management."



An official from the Korea Expressway Corporation's Smart Construction Project Group said, "This ISO 19650 'Kitemark' will enable the use of BIM in highway design and construction processes and establish a consistent and standardized system that links digital information from construction to operation." Please translate it into Korean.



On the other hand, interest in smart construction projects that require BIM certification projects, including SOC certification projects, which require increasing the standard of Saudi Arabia, will be invested in Saudi Arabia. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Infrastructure, Infrastructure, and Transport announced that it will encourage overseas companies to develop overseas companies with BIM capabilities in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure. Please translate it into Korean.