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[68th SCP Seminar] Use Case of Construction Information Model (CIM) in Japan

Writer : admin Reg date : 2023-09-04

The SCP Seminar is a place to listen to and learn the latest technology trends and use cases with Smart Construction Pioneers in smart construction. 


The Smart Construction Project Team held the 68th SCP Seminar under the "CIM (Construction Information Model) Utilization Case in Japan" theme with Yoshihiko Fukuchi, Ph.D. Kim Hae-jin, Director of Autodesk.


  • date : 2023. 9. 4. (mon), Korea Expressway Corporation Smart ConstructionProject Team (1F Smart Construction Test Bed Operation Center)


  • presenter : Yoshihiko Fukuchi Ph.D. ,  (Autodesk Korea) Hai Jin Kim Director


  • content : Japan CIM (construction information model) Case of utilization, Sustainable Growth with Digital Transformation