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[KSP Policy Advisory] Support for the Establishment of a Construction Information Modeling (BIM) Application System in Vietnam

Writer : admin Reg date : 2023-09-12

Cho Sung-min (three others), head of the Korea Expressway Corporation's Center for SMART Construction, went on an overseas business trip to Hanoi, Vietnam, for three nights and four days from September 12 (Tue) to September 15 (Fri). Seven people accompanied the business trip, including Cho Sung-min, head of the Korea Expressway Corporation (three others), and Ahn Seung-joon, a professor of the Korea BIM Society (two others).


Cho Sung-min visited the Melia Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam, on the 13th to hold a final report to the Ministry of Construction and report the results of the 4th local survey, followed by the IIE of HUCE (Vietnam BIM Execution Status) meeting, and visited Vietnamese IT companies to check their excellent software capabilities.



□ Project Name: (2022/23 KSP Policy Advisory) Support for the establishment of a construction information modeling (BIM) application system in Vietnam

□ Date: 2023-09-12 (Tue) ~ 2022-09-15 (Fri), three nights and four days

□ Venue: Hanoi, Vietnam

□ Organization: Korea Expressway Corporation Smart Construction Project Group (Cho Sung-min and three others), and Korea BIM Society (Professor Ahn Seung-joon and two others), a total of 7 people


□ Task Contents

○ (Task 1) Analysis of the Construction Industry Status and BIM Status in Vietnam

○ (Task 2) Analysis of Korea's Advanced Construction Management System and BIM Introduction System

○ (Task 3) Policy Suggestions for Establishing Customized BIM Strategies in Vietnam and Promoting Practical BIM Introduction

○ (Task 4) Development of a Vietnam BIM Policy Practice Training Program


□ Key Travel Performance

○ Preparation for the final briefing session

- MOC pre-meeting* and event location check

* Explanation of project performance results (→-MOC practitioners) and coordination of final attendees

○ Final Report Meeting Held

- Announcement and Q&A of project execution results (policy proposal results)

- Revising the final report (addition of expected effects, etc.) and discussing the direction of the follow-up project

○ Meeting with local consultants and BIM companies in Vietnam

- Explanation and feedback of project performance results (academic, business field)