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The 9th Business Forum of the REAAA

Writer : admin Reg date : 2022-03-24

The Center for Smart Construction Technology (Director General, Sung-min CHO) and REAAA* (Road Engineering Association of Asia and Australasia) held a business forum on Thursday, March 24, 2022.

* An international organization to promote technology exchange and cooperation in the road sector in Asia and Oceania, it is composed of 23 member states.

Presentations were made on smart road construction technology's industrial use and response in Korea and other five-member countries.

The panel discussion moderators were Professor Seong-han Shim of Sungkyunkwan University, Sung-min Cho of Korea Expressway Corporation, Jong-won Seo of Hanyang University, Seong-hoon Kim of Taesung S&I, and four global experts.