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Visit to research groups of "Seoul National University"

Writer : admin Reg date : 2022-05-03

The secretariat office of the Center for Smart Construction Technology (CSCT) is promoting the improvement of research results by visiting research institutes to check the progress and the direction of the ongoing projects.

On May 3, 2022 (Tue), the head of the center, Dr. Sung-min CHO, and competent staff met with researchers of Seoul National University (SNU) to discuss interim results and technology development.

Professor Ah-young KIM of SNU's Mechanical Engineering Department is developing SLAM technology and real-time map formation technology using a UGV. 

And Professor Seok-ho JI of SNU's Civil Engineering Department studies to get site information on geography and environment.





(서울대 기계공학부 김아영 교수 연구진 면담 및 연구실 방문)