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Smart Construction Global Insight Vol.1 (the First Issue)

Writer : Reg date : 2021-08-31

The Center for Smart Construction Technology publishes 'Smart Construction Global Insight' every quarter to respond quickly to the rapidly changing global construction technology environment. The publication will introduce the latest trends in digital technologies for infrastructure constructions and the status of research progress and serve as a pathway to explore the direction of future technology together with researchers.


The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure & Transport of Korea (MOLIT) announced the Smart Construction Technology Roadmap in 2018. Following the Roadmap, the Korean government launched a 200 million USD National R&D Project for the development of digital-based construction technologies. The Korea Expressway Corporation (KEC), the governing body of the R&D project as well as the authority for the national expressway system of Korea, established the CSCT last year and has been promoting the digital transformation of the construction industry by focusing on the commercialization and field application of the developed technologies.


To this end, we have published this digital magazine “Smart Construction Global Insight” as a way to introduce and explore the latest trends and research on smart construction technologies. For the First Issue (Vol.1), we chose the topic of 'Construction Automation and Robotics'.

We look forward to your interest and encouragement from our readers. 

Thank you.


Dr. CHO, Sung-min Michael

Head, The Center for Smart Construction Technology (CSCT)